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Why Do Children Resort to Crime?

Generally, a child’s eyes usually reflect innocence. But today, in this chaotic world, the innocence is rubbed off, replaced by hate, rebellion, and mischief. As ironic as it may seem, children commit crimes rather than being victims of crime.

How can an innocent young individual turn into a criminal? What could be done to help them avoid the disastrous path?

Children Need to Feel Loved

The smallest unit of the society, as we well know, is the family. A healthy family relationship results in a peaceful community, while a problematic family life results otherwise. It is normal for humans to expect love and care within the family. But, does showing love, care, and attention to children really matter?

Note a statement from the article by London Journal of Primary Care published online: “There is increasing evidence from the fields of development psychology, neurobiology and animal epigenetic studies that neglect, parental inconsistency and a lack of love can lead to long-term mental health problems as well as to reduced overall potential and happiness.” Thus, when a child feels that he is wanted and loved, this actually affects his brain development, makes him less stressed and less anxious that results to the feeling of happiness.

Why Children Resort To Crime

Neglect. According to the Awake! magazine dated December 8, 2000, “Children who are denied their right to be wanted and loved may become bitter, taking out their frustrations on those who have neglected them or possibly on society as a whole.”

Physical Abuse. Nobody wants to embrace pain and beating. Nobody wants to be intentionally hurt by family members. Children who are physically abused by parents tend to resort to leaving home. They are forced to live in the streets and care for their own needs. They resort to crime in order to survive.

Peer pressure. It is natural for a person to want to feel being accepted. But this is most especially true to young people and they tend to associate with those who are within their age group. If his friends commit crime, he will likely be pressured to do the same – to feel accepted.

What You Can Do

Spend time with your children. In this economically unstable world, most parents spend hours working just to provide for the basic necessities of their family. But parents should never take for granted the effect of quality time with their children.

Guide your children’s moral standards. As you spend time with them, you’ll become aware of the challenges they face at home, at school, and just about every aspect of their lives. You’ll then be able to discern your child’s thoughts and viewpoints, and can teach him accordingly. Even at a young age, your child can understand what is right and what is wrong, and you can build up his moral standards as the years pass by.

Create a warm and loving environment at home. When your child feels loved and accepted, he will experience real satisfaction and happiness. This will decrease the chance of longing for love and attention from others, who might lead him in a wrong path.

Children are not born criminals. They become one with poor guidance, neglect, and lack of love. So do your utmost to make your child feel loved and accepted – so he could enjoy the innocence of childhood, and so as not to “rub off” his happiness and his bright future.

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